Dear Cindy, Love Mom: Letters of Love, Loss and Life (2nd edition)

Elaine Schaller lost her 33-year-old daughter Cindy to a ruptured brain aneurysm in 2007. The shock of her death left Schaller certain she would never again experience a happy moment, even questioning whether she wanted to continue living in a world without Cindy. She knew she needed help. At her first session with a grief counselor, she listened to the unusual suggestion that she write letters to her dead daughter every day.

Reluctant at first yet desperate for relief, Schaller wrote letters describing her traumatic state, her dreams, her intense pain and her constant struggle to accept Cindy’s death and to survive. In time, she realized that the act of writing provided a desperately needed structure for the day as well as a means to stay connected to her daughter.

Collectively, these deeply moving letters provide an honest, unabridged look at her darkest moments. They also reveal each bare glimmer of light she encounters as she struggles to overcome the pain of her loss. They will provide a source of comfort, encouragement and inspiration to anyone who has experienced profound loss.

This Second Edition of Dear Cindy, Love Mom contains a Prologue in which Schaller talks about her life 10 years after her daughter’s death and the steps she took to ultimately find meaning in life after the death of her daughter. It includes information about the charity with which Schaller became involved. Readers will learn not only about her grieving process but also about the Brain Aneurysm Foundation, statistics on the disease and information about TeamCindy.

This Second Edition is available in Kindle, eBook and audio format. All proceeds from the sale of the book go directly to the Brain Aneurysm Foundation for brain aneurysm research.